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Here are some of the restaurants we visited in 2021. We believe they are simply an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dining experience out of their accommodation place. We are really impressed with the choice, menus and quality of the food that the restaurants deliver, and the effort and the care they have for their guests. Which is our favourite? Honestly? All of them!



Dining at Tamala Beach Resort takes you on a culinary adventure full of Gambian and international specialities.

Guests always enjoy an open buffet dinner with good music and delicious, fresh and superb quality food. Absolutely nothing is missing in their tailored buffet which is constantly refilled. A wide range of starters, main dishes, salad bar and desserts and much more! All served in a clean and pleasant surrounding between the Atlantic Ocean and a pool.

The place is perfect for romantic dining sessions on an oceanfront terrace. It also became a famous venue for weddings, birthday parties and all kinds of anniversaries and other occasions. There are important conferences and meetings held at Tamala, open buffet parties and events with guest artists from The Gambia, Senegal and elsewhere.



Do you love spending your holiday on the beach? If you love good music, fabulous food, interesting entertainment program, a party scene and all of that at a prime location directly on one of the most popular beaches in The Gambia, then Poco Loco is the place to go.

Situated on the stunning Kololi Beach, Poco Loco Beach Club has established itself as a unique place with a strong identity. They have been one of the most famous spots for locals and tourists since it opened back in 2012.

This trendy beach club is a must-stop venue for a day of relaxing in style on one of the daybeds or comfortable seating areas in the restaurant. It always boasts a vibrant, feel-good atmosphere. You can soak up the rays in African surroundings, eat delicious food in the restaurant or sip on fabulous cocktails in the vibrant bar. Poco Loco is also renowned for its excellent music programming and special events.

It is one of those places you’ll love with its friendly atmosphere and large, welcoming outdoor terraces, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor with a spectacular view.



Shiraz Restaurant has been mentioned to us by many people who know that we love food and have an online platform for promoting everything connected to tourism. We have been planning to visit Shiraz since 2020. Finally, we did in November 2021, and we didn’t regret it.

First of all, it is really easy to find the restaurant. It is located at Palma Rima junction, on your left when you bend down from any direction, either left from the Turntable or right from the traffic lights. It is just opposite Palma Rima Hotel. Parking is available in front of the restaurant. If you come by taxi, we are pretty sure they will know the restaurant.



Between the beautifully decorated tables, there is enough space for each guest to enjoy privacy. Also, the space is so large and beautiful that it is straightforwardly prepared and suitable for a wedding or other important event for larger groups.

Their hospitality tradition dates back to 2009 and this is reflected in all areas; excellent service, delicious food in an ambience with a touch of Mexican and African style in warm colours, affordable prices, homeliness and originality. The only Mexican restaurant in the city with its wide range of tapas, Mexican specialties, superb steaks, and a selection of classic international dishes got quickly anchored in the hearts (and bellies) of guests and since then the EL Sol restaurant has been visited by many guests from The Gambia and around the world.



For lovers of real authentic Lebanese and Indian food, we recommend a visit to Villa Roula restaurant. Located on Fajara avenue, this restaurant takes your breath away right at the entrance.

The golden gate opens the way to a beautiful, vibrant, and large garden with palm trees, landscaped with greenery and countless lights that conjure up an elegant and romantic atmosphere. But this is just an introduction to the rich, surprising and above all the numerous flavours you can experience at Villa Roula.

Between the beautifully decorated tables, there is enough space for each guest to enjoy privacy. Also, the space is so large and beautiful that it is straightforwardly prepared and suitable for a wedding or other important event for larger groups.



Looking for a river trip and good lunch? Then we recommend Bintang Bolong Boat trip.

You will have a different feeling to have a delicious meal in a quiet place with only birds singing. The meal will be delicious, especially if you like shrimps, fish, vegetables and salads. You can just feel the freshness of the morning river catch. You can decide on your own choice of meal from the menu before going for the boat trip.



If you're craving for barbecue but don't fancy firing up the grill, Kasumai BBQ Steak House is a restaurant that is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. From smoked ribs to brisket, delmonica steak, tomahawk and much more. One thing is for sure – you won't leave hungry!

Anton, the Grillmaster, comes from the Netherlands. His grilling skills were firstly recognized by his friends and family back in the Netherlands. Everyone loved it whenever he was in charge of preparing meat for BBQ for birthdays and private parties. The meat was always so soft and tasty. They were encouraging him to start his own business.

As he previously worked in a food business, he started to think about this idea more seriously. The turning point was when he bought a smoker and started to attend food festivals in the Netherlands.



Named by one of the most important spices in Indian cuisine, Saffron -The Spice Kitchen is a renewed bar and restaurant from the Vineyard stable with authentic Indian and a wide range of international dishes, snacks and drinks to dine with.

After changing ownership and name from Alex Bar, this totally refurbished bar and restaurant is very clean with a modern interior design, comfortable seats, a large TV screen, a large terrace, and interior space.

Multiple fans on the terrace create a pleasant microclimate even on the hottest day. The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy, with delightful background music added to the vibrant view of the main Senegambia strip, filled with passersby. Live music performances are often on Fridays and Sundays and they are quite popular amongst the customers.

The restaurant is located right at the beginning of the Senegambia strip, after Yasmine restaurant on the corner, soon opening its doors again in renewed form and management.



Have you ever been to Solomelo’s music venue, bar and restaurant in Bakau?

It is one of the few restaurants open every day during the Covid-19 times in Bakau. The bar and restaurant is open the whole year-round.

Apart from the inviting ambience which is modern in combination with African prints and details, the place offers good food and weekly evening music entertainment.

Come, taste their food and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere!

Open every day from 10 am until the last guest leaves.



Vineyard Multi-Cuisine offers Indian Tandoori, Lebanese, Mexican, Chinese & other international dishes. They are mostly known for delicious Indian food, but couples, groups and families are coming to eat all kinds of international dishes. There are vegetarian and even vegan dishes on their menu.

The location is on the first floor and accessed by a curved staircase creating a private atmosphere and always ensures a fresh breeze. A spacious and airy terrace is also an excellent place to observe daily life passing by in one of the most popular places in Kololi. Sports Bar with live sport television on three screens is very popular among locals and expats. The Royal Indian Vineyard Room is a private function room with air-conditioning available for meetings and special occasions.



Yosh restaurant located in Fajara is known for fantastic food, big portions and a wide choice of vegetarian (and vegan) dishes. In addition to that, they are very flexible when it comes to customers' needs - you can always ask for those small changes that matter when ordering a meal.

Management of Yosh restaurant is also very supportive of Gambian startups, musicians, artists, fashion designers and event organizers. There is always something happening at Yosh!

The restaurant's setting is very unique. When you go there, you will be surprised.

Prices are affordable.

They are open from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm, Sunday closed. They also offer delivery with Doorstep Express - DEx



Footsteps have gained quite a reputation for their food. David, the owner, is a massive foodie and loves good quality innovative food: “We invest heavily in our chefs and their kitchen. Our garden grows a lot of our products and not just cucumber and tomato. We have Asparagus, Kale, Rocket and lots of herbs. The kitchen is the engine of our lodge and being open view means that our guests can see their food being prepared and cooked. We get a lot of vegetarians and vegans to stay with us and they love to show our chefs new recipes using our garden produce. Maybe that’s connected to our eco-friendly ethos but it’s definitely a massive plus for our menus.”


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