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My Magazine 2022/01
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“What we do today decides what the world of tomorrow will look like. ” (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach) Therefore we can contribute to an optimistic, trusting world of tomorrow with our actions of today.

We have taken this principle to heart and have reflected on the events of the past two years. The world is changing incredibly quickly at the moment. The direction we are heading in, the future of our children, is uncertain. Now it takes people who will ensure positive development and lead the world into a golden future.

For us it is shocking to watch how our friends in Europe have begun to fall apart, families have broken up in arguments and a peaceful, free life has been made impossible. All of this has happened because of different fears. Gnawing fear of what will come leaves us being shadows of our former selves and the prosperity in the western world is dwindling too. So, we have started to work on our mindset and faced our fears. Our vision arose from this process:

A community where individuals can live freely have faith in their own strength and where our children flourish in a positive environment.


But how should we restart the world, what can we do?

In our opinion, it is urgently necessary for people to restart believing in themselves and their own creativity. They have to know that each individuals’ actions change the world. We all can contribute to make this world a better place, each person’s actions matter. We have to use this incredibly strong energy and this force of this time and steer it in a positive direction with many valuable developments. Let´s reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and find out what we ourselves can build, develop, and create with our interests and skills. If we connect with others, the potential expands, and everyone will be able to benefit. This is how our path of life became clear to us, how we started to walk. Now we are in The Gambia, the smallest continental state in Africa, the continent where life originated. We go back to the origin, because we see the potential of this place for realizing our mission:

Unearthing opportunities in the world of today, developing freely and helping to shape a positive, sustainable society.

We are ready to take on the responsibility to leave to our daughter and all other children a world that is free and worth living in. We try to teach her an open and self-determined way of life, free from coercion and fears that have a negative impact on our lives.

The idea grew - IN•US – Let’s shape the world together!

As project developers from the construction industry, we have found an enormous, wide-ranging development potential here in The Gambia. We are now developing our own label, a real brand, which forms a quality standard, for a new form of coexistence that is based on the full appreciation of all involved. With developments to increase the wealth in a wide variety of economic sectors and at all levels, our lives can be headed towards a golden future in a human, simple and sustainable manner. Together with our partners, we are active in a great variety of areas to become autonomous and to develop many innovations together. Especially here in The Gambia it is important to be autonomous - autonomous in the sense of being able to provide for the basic supplies for one’s home including food and independent of the excessive imports. Unfortunately, the qualities and strengths of the country, such as the excellent location in a very temperate climate zone or the internationality of the population, seem to have been forgotten. But now it's time to unearth the dormant strengths and qualities and reactivate them. We are always looking for new potential, motivated partners and creative and committed people who want to strengthen our community.

Sustainable, successful businesses means also that nobody should be left behind. Our customers, our partners and the population of the different countries where we operate, experience positive development on three levels and become the winners of the economy. All projects promote the personal and potential development, the knowledge expansion of each individual, have an ecological added value and of course bring a gain on the economic level not only for those involved, but also for the entire population of the respective countries. In this way, we can shape our world together sustainably and create a great upward spiral.

My insider tip in The Gambia of the month!

A strong young woman takes the leap into independence and makes the dream of her own music and dance show a reality. She founded the colourful group King's & Queen's, created in collaboration with her choreographer a completely new offer for The Gambia and is now a few weeks as a new highlight in the Ebujan theatre to see. Their first show "West Pride Sound" is filled with action, live band, singers, dancers, acrobatics and drummers and you can visit them every Wednesday at 8.30 pm.

Next month I will present our first construction project here in the My Gambia Magazine. Construction is one of our core competencies. By “keeping it simple” and taking the environmental conditions into account, we try to implement new benchmarks and standards in The Gambia. This way we can take a major step forward in terms of construction quality and sustainability.


Angelika Mitterer
The story of the Austrian architect Angelika Mitterer tells us that the only constant in life is change and how this can be used as an opportunity for a positive change in one's lifestyle habits.

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