Ocean Villa Heights, a small hotel with a big personality

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A boutique hotel with a stairway to the sea is a hidden jewel of Brufut Heights. It is a place where the warm welcome meets the cool Atlantic breeze.

A splendid flowering garden hosting many colourful birds of The Gambia will embrace you while you take a walk on a blue stoned path to the sea. A small bantaba in the middle of a garden is a place where you can read a book, have a relaxing massage or just chill out in intimacy any time of the day.


Within the distance of a few steps, you can choose to enjoy chilling in the garden, walking on the beach, relaxing by the pool, listening to the birds or playing snooker.

The hotel is offering 13 rooms in total. Five of which are in the main building, each unique and suitable for a different type of traveller. Because of its petiteness, a smaller group of friends or a large family can book the hotel for themselves and enjoy the villa as a private holiday resort. Additional six rooms, built in the annexe building, are of the same style yet offer comfort and spaciousness on a lower budget.

The pool area is the heart of the hotel. The big open site offers enough space either for a barbeque party, lunch under the roofed sitting area, or just lazy sunbathing on one of their comfortable sunbeds. With the bar open 24/7, you will be able to enjoy a good drink no matter the time of the day and mood you are in. You will also be able to try out your luck in a snooker match on a pool table decorating the bar and restaurant area.

On Sundays, the pool is open also for the public, so if you want to invite friends to come and enjoy your holiday place as well, you can easily do so.

The hotel has a strong personality. Already at the entrance, you will be amazed by the majestic building and even more so when you enter the vast atrium with a magnificent symmetric movie-like staircase. Each part is carefully decorated, yet spaciousness will always be a companion no matter where you place your foot. Another uniqueness of the place is direct access to the beach from the garden, where you descend from the cliff via a wooden stairway leading through the green forest to reach the seaside. Sounds magical, isn’t it?

The sandy beach is never too crowded but still lively enough for you not to worry whether you will find a place to enjoy the drink or rent a sunbed. Being a bit away from the main tourism concentrated area, you will be able to enjoy your day without any hassling on the beach, even if you travel alone.

The management of the hotel can be described as a bundle of flexibility and warmth, while all the hotel’s staff is a small, lovable family. If not by theirs, you will be completely taken over by the loveliness of a four-legged member of the team, Teddy. There is almost no way you can feel anything else as great hospitality at the place. If you want to organize a picnic, party, trip, romantic dinner for two in the bantaba, pool day or have any other request, there will be almost no obstacles to make it happen.

Even though the boutique hotel is 15 minutes’ walk away from the main road, you won’t have to worry about the food. Continental breakfast is a great solution if you decide you want to stay in the whole day. For the additional affordable cost, you can also enjoy lunch or dinner from the menu of your favourite selection of classic international food. But if you don’t feel like staying in moreover finding transport to your favourite restaurant, Ocean Villa Heights has its own tuk-tuk in a unique sky colour, which you are able to hire for a pick-up or drop-off at the nearby location.

In Ocean Villa Heights, you will be welcomed with open arms whether you travel with a group, family, pets or just by yourself, looking for a place in serenity between the garden and tea sea.

Ocean Villa Heights

We are a boutique hotel offering 14 individually styled rooms to suit every taste and budget. With a fabulous beach front location, extensive gardens, restaurant and a bar we look forward to provide a warm welcome and a cool ocean breeze.
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