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Gunjur is a coastal town on the south of The Gambia. Being very environmentally conscious as well as very traditional community, this could be a perfect spot if you want to enjoy a bit of unspoiled nature or an eco-retreat.

How to reach Gunjur?

If travelling from The Brusubi Turntable (roundabout) with public transport, you need to take a gelleh gelleh (also known as a bush taxi) to Tanji village, which will stop beside the Tanji fishing centre. From Tanji, you can take another bush taxi to Sanyang car park or Mosque to board another gelleh gelleh to drive you to Gunjur village. You might also be lucky to board a gelleh gelleh from The Turntable going straight to Sanyang village at its car park, where you can take a bush taxi straight to Gunjur. For a more comfortable, faster and more expensive experience, you can hire a taxi from Turntable or almost any other location to take you straight to Gunjur.

What to do and see?

Footsteps Eco Lodge

While spending your holiday at Gambia's award winning sustainable eco lodge, you can look forward to staying in one of the most beautiful, natural environments The Gambia has to offer.
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Gunjur Sand Dunes Mosque (Kenye Kenye Jaamengo)

The Muslim sacred site popularly called in Mandinka Kenye-Kenye Jaamengo, Sandy Mosque is considered to be the location of one of the 7 world points and a divine setting inhabited by the pious spirit saints of highest distinction with ability to disperse blessing and function in an intercessory capacity for those in need. It is located within walking distance from the fishing village or accessible by the road, and it is a must-see sight. Located directly on the beach with its rich architecture is one of the most beautiful mosques in The Gambia.
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Volunteering in Gunjur – Turtle Protection

From June till late November, you can join the CETAG organization in Gunjur to help and protect sea turtles. Their mission is to locate and safeguard turtle nests along the beach and secure them against all potential predators in the newly built hatchery until they are ready to be released back to the sea.
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Gunjur Women Garden project

Amazing project, which is run by a foundation from the Netherlands, aims is to create jobs for the youth, older women and their kids. There are three main areas of operation so far: skills centre, gardens, and poultry farm. In the skills centre, they are currently training 15 young girls to become professional tailors to make their own income and help support their families. In the garden project, there are 210 women involved with a plot of land where they can produce their vegetables and help support their families. Lamin, the project manager, will be happy to show you around.
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Gunjur Village Museum

Tucked away in the beautiful south of Gambia in Gunjur village, this charming little museum is a real gem and gives a wonderful insight into the traditions, nature, history and local life in the Gambia. Owned and run by Lamin Bojang, a naturalist and bird guide, who over time became aware that the history of his people was being lost, along with the historical objects from olden times. He built the museum by hand, opening it in 2017. You can enjoy exhibitions, from traditional instruments, idols, botanical garden and conclude your visit with a cultural performance.
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Ousman's weaving art

Ousman is a resident at Footsteps Eco Lodge, where he does his weaving art. Learned from his father, he continues the tradition of handmade woven fabrics using traditional handloom and weaves. He will be happy to welcome you and do a workshop with you. He is also a part of the Gambia Cotton Trail available for booking at Footsteps Eco lodge.
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Bolong Fenyo Community Wildlife Reserve

The coastal and marine park is managed by GEPADG Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group. Its rangers will be happy to take you on tour through the forest or a birdwatching experience, especially in the coastal lagoon, which is also one of the nesting areas for sea turtles. Is nature something you love? Then this is a must-do.
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Gunjur Bird Watching

Gunjur Kombo South District, as one of the most environmentally aware regions of The Gambia, is also a place where many of the Gambian residents and visitor species of bird found their place to be. The biodiversity of Gunjur, with its lagoons, mangroves and sub savanna flora, is a sight for itself. To add a birdwatching tour with experienced guides such as Sulayman Jabang, you might be lucky to see more than 50 bird species in just a few hours.
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Gunjur Fishing Village

Although foreign fishing industry company is taking over the business from the local fishermen and bringing a lot of concern for the environmental degradation, Gunjur is still one of the fishing villages where you will be able to feel the heartbeat of crowdy lively and colourful fish market, that appears at the seemingly calm beach. You should try out your bargaining skills while buying the fresh catch of the day or enjoy the atmosphere, sounds and scents of the place.
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The Cotton Trail

Are you interested to see the process from growing cotton to creating beautifully handmade woven cotton material? By joining the Cotton Trail, travellers will experience The Gambia off the beaten track. Travelling Far East to meet the farmers and experience Basse, stopping by in Janjanbureh, another important town up-country and experiencing the river and its animals and birdlife, the UNESCO-listed stone circles, having experience with the Women Initiative in Njau before spending the night in Kaur. The journey will end in Gunjur, where the weavers are located, and travellers can enjoy the tranquillity of Footsteps Eco-Lodge. Along the journey, the travellers learn about the culture, way of living and the history and importance of cotton through generations.
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