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My Magazine 2022/01
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Located on the Senegambia strip, the Evolution bar and restaurant is a perfect intimate spot to make a stop for dinner before enjoying the late nightlife in the area or a cocktail while lounge club music creates a good atmosphere till the morning hours.

Always crowded Senegambia strip can sometimes be a nightmare to access, especially when it comes to finding a parking space. Evolution Bar and Restaurant takes care of their clients with private parking spaces just in front of the place. Evolution is an excellent choice if you are wearing high heels, or you just want to have your four wheels on a safe spot within your sight.

Opening at 8 am and closing at 5 am, Evolution is one of the places where you can enjoy your meal no matter the time of the day. The restaurant is a perfect choice for all looking for breakfast, just a quick snack, lunch, late dinner, and for those who get hungry in the middle of the night and want to fill their stomach after dancing in the club or enjoy tapas with their favourite drink.

The selection of meals and dishes is vast. You can enjoy omelette, sandwiches, different types of snacks, tapas, starters, soups, salads, bar food and main dishes from the total of 76 dishes on their menu. Everybody will find something they enjoy since the menu offers everything from African, Continental, Mediterranean and Middle East cuisine dishes with a wide range of burgers, grilled food, seafood, pasta, shawarmas, falafels and more. Even if you come with a big group of friends, with a different taste for food, you will be able to make a choice you like.

From the outside, Evolution is easily recognizable by big neon signs and luscious flowers decorating the terrace. With resourceful decorative details and a simple setting, the outside sitting area will give you a feel of hominess. The fence, flowers and occupied parking spaces in front will provide you with privacy from the busy street.

Inside the bar, you will feel another atmosphere. Dimmed lights, blue neon’s and sitting areas covered in leather are the perfect combinations to enjoy your evening treating yourself with one of the delicious cocktails from the list. Or to start your night escapade with a shot. If you are in for stronger types of spirits, you will not be disappointed. Or if you want to enjoy your night alcohol-free.

Adding to the ambience of the evening and night hours is the right balance of afro club beats and lounge house music. Even though the place is not very big, you will have enough space to enjoy dancing on the dancefloor.

What is different about the place is its offer of intimacy. You can book the VIP sofa or enjoy the area with a private bar. It is also a perfect choice for closed group events as you will have enough space and at the same time enough privacy to make your celebration unique.

Are you a night-time person? Do you enjoy various food selections combined with a good choice of short or long drinks? Do you like a good meal before clubbing and a place to conclude your night out in a more relaxing lounge area? Then Evolution bar and restaurant is a choice for you.

Evolution Bar & Restaurant

Evolution Bar & Restaurant, open 8 am till late. Now serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a choice of premium spirits and a wide selection of wines. Enjoy a Cocktail, Mocktail, Super Juice or Milkshake. Join our resident DJ & Party at Evolution!
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