Dear readers!

Welcome to our January issue of My Magazine.

Did you miss us? We did too. Here we are again, starting fresh with the new year. 


Our early Santa’s gift last year was a new, big challenge. But we are grateful for it as it allows us to grow bigger, better and more focused. And it allows us to be better for you, who follow and support us. 


Because of the technical issues on our webpage, we were forced to skip the merriest issue of the year. But we are back, and we again prepared an issue full of educative content about your favourite destination. 


The top story of this month is, in fact, the video, which we are very proud of. Balafon Beach Resort impressed us, and our cameras and the outcome is nearly magical. 

In Gambian Sounds, we hosted one of the most famous music groups in The Gambia, Nobles. We shared a view on responsible community-based tourism in Tanji when talking with the host, Amie. Don’t miss our monthly’s columns from the architectural mastermind Angelika and amazing Amy from Kafuta. 


The top of this month is the recipe on Pem Bem, and this time, you will be able to enjoy the whole process of making it through the video. Fruit, of which you might not hear yet, is Konni or Jalang’o. And you will be able to see how to open and eat it! The magnificent bird of the month is Osprey. In the dictionary, you will learn new verbs in Mandinka and Wolof. The beach of the month, which you shouldn’t miss seeing, is Kotu. 


In the chapter about Places, solo travellers will find many ideas for a refreshing voyage. Another guide is there for all who wish to explore Gunjur. And if you are still choosing a place to stay when coming to The Gambia this month, we found some of the fantastic places where you will enjoy your stay no matter what. Magical Kalimba, Tamala, Coco Ocean, Kololi Springs and Ocean Villa Heights are selected for all who love direct access to the beach and a piece of magical paradise with a special character. We also visited an excellent place for night-time lovers – Evolution bar and restaurant. And since we left another year behind, we wrote about our favourite restaurant of 2021. 


Most of us start a new year with a new resolution. If you decide to do more charity work this year, don’t skip the “My Charity” Chapter. Mojka, a volunteer and sponsor of Travel as Volunteer, shares her views on the sponsorship of the children in The Gambia. Smiling Child of The Gambia inspires us to help to make their cause of educating youth in Lamin even greater. Talking about charitable moves, Joe’s Ride donated 58 vehicles to 58 imams for a good cause, and Samaritana Gambia is helping girls and women with reusable monthly pads. 


If you enjoy learning more about The Gambia, you will love the “Learn About” Chapter. All about the famous attaya, tying head tie, the voting process, transport in the Gambia, oyster women of Kartong, special offers of Musa’s Garden Lodge in upcoming Kankurang festival, Jola tribe, environmentally friendly things you can do in The Gambia by amazing Maitri, glimpses from 10th Gambia Fashion Week, and most importantly, a full trip package for a unique experience at the Kankurang Festival 2022. Don't miss it! 

Stay tuned and see what is new in town by reading “In focus”. 

We decided, 2022 would be a great year. And we wish you the same. May this year be the happiest new year of them all; we wish you from My Gambia.


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Did you enjoy this article? Share it with friends
Balafon Beach Resort, a piece of hidden paradise
Our initial story is based on our long-term activities in the field of education, sustainable tourism and knowledge exchange. 
We live and breathe The Gambia and we are here to bring that experience to you. 
We intend to put The Gambia on a world tourism map as a destination, which can offer a wide range of sights, tastes, sounds and feelings.
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